Where do you start?

You have been tasked with getting a price for your community project, your sports facility, or a major aquatic centre. Where can you get all the answers you need to make informed decisions about locations, facilities, materials, technology, business plans and forecasts?

We are here for you. You get advice you can rely on. With 20 years experience in running sports facilities for council, communities and commercial owners, we know what makes money and what loses money. Don't make poor decisions now when you have access to our expertise and experience.

Are you looking to design an innovative and workable aquatic facility, recreation or sports centre?

You need viable business plans and spreadsheets to show where you can be in 15 years. You get personal access to our years of experience running facilities like this at a profit. You get a business plan that your financiers need so that your project can get off the ground.

You can be certain we understand:

Safety first

Affordable and cost effective

Financial sustainability


Earthquake, snow and wind proof

Effective, sleeves-rolled consultancy  focused on best solutions designed for you and your organisation.

NZ-wide aquatic consultancy services

school pools     council pools     private pools

  • Condition & options assessments for existing aquatic facilities
  • Affordable extensions or new facilities
  • Plus an unequaled network of skilled & experienced contractors & professionals
  • Answering the real questions

evaluations + case studies + planning + design + budgets + energy + project development
project management + pre-engineered solutions + commissioning + environmental + operational + marketing

Our strength is in developing a shared vision with our client group and taking them to places that others have yet to understand or be aware of, achieving as we do so, what is possible, rather than what others thought was possible.

Councils, schools looking to reduce costs, upgrade facilities, enhance provision of learn to swim programs, fundraise to give your pool, or sports centre a 30-year plus lease of life.

Contact us to discuss how your school or council can achieve all this with lower operating  costs.

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Bringing together leisure, wellness and recreation work with us to make your goals and your visions a reality